More about the history of The Pomfret Club and the city of Easton

The city of Easton, Pennsylvania, derives its name from the “Easton-Neston” estate of Thomas Penn located in Northamptonshire, England.  The town was named in 1752, when the town was laid out and the sale of lots began.  William Parsons and Nicholas Scull  had previously surveyed the Forks of the Delaware in 1750.  On March 11, 1752, a portion of Bucks County was erected into a new county called Northampton.

On August 22, 1751, Thomas Penn married Lady Juliana Fermor, the daughter of Lord Pomfret.  In choosing names for the newly established territory, Penn honored members of his wife’s family.  These names remained for nearly one hundred years before they were changed to unromantic numbers.  What is now Second Street was originally Fermor Street; Third Street had been Pomfret Street; and Fifth Street was Juliana Street.

Pomfret Club Bronze
1885 Pomfret Club 1

The name of Pomfret remains in Easton today in the organization known as The Pomfret Club.

On March 13, 1885 a group of men known as 'The Crypt', who had been long organized for the purposes of “social enjoyment” and "community involvement", formerly meeting in the back of local taverns and members basements, claimed our first club house located on the Northeast corner of North Third Street (formerly Pomfret) and Spring Garden Streets, in the United States Hotel, which later became the Hotel Karldon.

The organization’s next club house was located at 33 North Third Street on April 1, 1889.

On February 2, 1891, the club became incorporated under the name of The Pomfret Club.  It is assumed that the club’s name was derived from that of Lord Pomfret, or simply because it was located on “old” Pomfret Street.

1889 Pomfret Club 2
1891 Pomfret Club 3
The same year The Pomfret Club was incorporated, a new club house was chosen at 321 Northampton Street.
1895 Pomfret Club 4
1988 Pomfret Club 5

A Final move occurred on April 1 1895, to 33 South Fourth Street, where The Pomfret Club remains in existence today. 
Renovations were done in 1988 enhancing the mansion’s formal elegance.


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