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from the specialists at American Health Care Apparel

American Health Care Apparel has supplied traditional and adaptive clothing and footwear to nursing home residents and senior home health care individuals since 1985.

It is our mission to make dressing senior citizens with limited mobility and decreased dexterity an effortless task rather than a burdensome chore. Whether you are shopping for yourself, a nursing home caregiver shopping for a nursing home resident, a home health care aide or nurse caring for senior citizens, or a family member shopping for an elderly loved-one; our web site will acquaint you with clothing designs which promote independence for the self-dresser, as well as special closure items which make assisted dressing easier and safer for both the wearer and the caregiver. Our business has been built on trust, value, and caring for those who gave us so much.

Adaptive and Traditional Clothing

The lines of clothing by Clothes For Seniors® from American Health Care Apparel are both functional and attractive.  Adaptive clothing is designed to serve the needs of those who may experience difficulty dressing due to a restricted range of motion, be confined to a wheelchair or bed, or who might be incontinent. And our footwear can accommodate a broad range of common foot difficulties.

Our apparel fulfills a need for both the person who requires assistance in their daily dressing routines and the caregiver rendering assistance.  Our clothing is designed with both the caregiver and wearer in mind.  Dressing is made safe and simple with back or side snaps, zippers, and wide opening styles for easy on and off maneuvering.  Purposely designed to fit the senior figure.  Fuller cuts reduce discomfort around body joints such as shoulders, under the arms, and hips, while longer lengths help maintain dignity.  Self-image and self-respect should not diminish with age or medical condition.  Quality fabric styling and functionality are our primary concerns.  Our garments will launder well and delight the wearer, both in appearance and comfort.

You will be delighted by how easy it is to dress someone with our clothing.  Dressing an individual can be an effortless task simply by having them extend their arms, rather than having them deal with the sometimes painful task of manipulating arms to get into a dress, duster, robe or shirt.


Specialty Footwear

Our footwear is explicitly designed to accommodate a broad range of common foot problems, including edema and swelling, hammertoes, diabetes, arthritis and many other conditions.  We carry selections of footwear most preferred by our senior clientele and most widely used in nursing facilities.  Most of our footwear styles incorporate Velcro® to make it easy to get shoes on and off whether an individual is dressing themselves or has someone assisting with dressing.

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