The Club House opens at 11:00 am Tuesday through Friday and 4:00 pm on Saturday. Lunch is served 11:30 am until 2:00 pm Tuesday through Friday. Dinner is served 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Bar service is available continuously from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 pm, or later if members are still present. These hours are general hours and may change based on factors such as seasonal conditions. It is always best to call ahead if you are planning to dine late, or to be sure bar service is still available.

An 18% Service Charge is added to all dining and refreshment checks. If you wish to leave any additional optional amount, you may do so under the “Optional Gratuity” part of the check.

A member may charge to their account by simply signing their check with their name and/or member number. No member shall in any way alter, mutilate or destroy any sales check. Bills will be compiled at the end of the month and mailed to the member at their last recorded address. Accounts are to be paid in full within 30 days. A Finance Charge of 1% will be added to accounts 30 days or older.  For balances 60 days old, credit privileges will be suspended and the members name and amount of delinquency will be posted on the club bulletin board. Any members with accounts 90 days or older will be suspended from the club, and appropriate action will be taken for debt collection.

Members may cash checks to an amount not exceeding $100.00 in any one day. All such checks must be drawn to the order of “Cash”.

Members are permitted to dress in business casual attire. Business casual attire guidelines are as follows:  MEN:  Includes slacks, khakis or chinos, collared sport shirts, sweaters, non-athletic laced or loafer-type shoes. Golf attire and dress jeans are also permitted in the Grill Room. WOMEN:  Includes skirts, slacks, khakis, chinos, blouses, sweater, non-athletic shoes and dress sandals. Dress jeans are also permitted in the Grill Room.
NOT APPROPRIATE ATTIRE:  Sneakers, tank tops, jeans or denim with holes or tears.

All requests and complaints must be made in writing, signed and addressed to the House Committee. It shall be the duty of the House Committee to receive all written complaints, to investigate them properly, to act upon them and to report to the Board of Directors, when necessary.

No over-the-counter sales of unprepared food or alcoholic beverages for off the premises use are permitted

All forms of entertainment on club premises must be approved by the House Committee.

Members introducing visitors to the club shall be responsible for all debts incurred by their visitors and for any damage or breakage caused by them

Members shall not reprimand any Pomfret Club staff member, or send any staff member off club premises.
It is mandatory for the bartender to refuse to serve anyone who is visibly intoxicated or obnoxious or anyone in violation of any House Rule.