Our Mission is to provide professional marketing. There are two major forces within our company; the business strategy process and creative insight.  Each element feeds off the other, in the end providing our customers with the most effective tailored strategies.  A comprehensive strategy must include; strong business goals, an understanding of your competitive landscape and knowledge of your target demographic(s).  Our distinction is a 'business centric' attitude, with everything we do for clients firmly based around growth.  Our core principal is that our job is to enhance your bottom-line.
Working together:

Goals are clearly defined, paths are plotted, and communications are kept open.

At Michael F. Yates & Company Inc. we choose to serve only a few select partners with a broad base of HR services, tailored to their specific needs. Most of our revenue is generated from a small group of clients and we only bring three to four new partners on board each year. We position dedicated HR specialists with our client. We save our partners overtime and rush charges and we commit to do "whatever it takes" to make them successful.

"The Human resource is the most critical, most expensive, and most fragile resource of modern business."

MFYCO Project


Michael F. Yates & Company, Inc. is uniquely qualified to translate business strategies into design requirments for Human Resources programs. Combining significant consulting experience in both the private and public sectors, our senior staff has the generalist's insight to link various programs to overall personnel equation.

Michael F. Yates & Company is one of the leading HR consulting firms in the marketplace. The website is designed to point out the main concentrations of their practice. I would recommend this firm to any company looking for honest advice and a 200% return on the dollar spent. This is a world class company.

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